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news - 17.08.2005
sonne mond sterne 2005:
sms05 pictures
news - 06.08.2005
last party in my flat in Dresden - time to say goodbye...
Dresden Abschied - last party in Radi31 flat.
news - 25.06.2005
pictures of the last months:
Löbtau Party 2005 - fun with Grit, Uwe & Co.
Nachtwanderung 2005 - drink and use the yellow busses...
WG-Suche Ulm - sightseeing, party and more
Alex Party Giessen - special Alex' style house-warming party
Seminargruppentreffen - Augustusburg 2005
Quirla lake - relaxing with Uta, Alex, Roland...
news - 08.03.2005
Thomas, Uwe and Grit at Radi31 - much too eat, 6 bottles wine, about 10 beers, 1,5 bottle martini... and much fun:
Ein Abend mit Löbtauern
news - 02.04.2005
after rediscovering my cam, new pictures...
dan, the canadian, in dresden
thomas - after his diploma thesis
And especially for thomas, a zip-file with the orignial pictures:
news - 08.03.2005
in january, after a neustadt tour,
we are drinking martini at ko's home.
And taking pictures.
See us drunk:
news - 06.03.2005
after I've lost my cam, this are maybe the last pictures for a long time.
this is from my visit to denmark and sweden,
with some german comments to each stop of this travel. Have fun:
sweden 2005
news - 06.02.2005
one year in pictures:
::rewind 2004
news - 27.11.2004
Wichteln 2004:
Radi31 Weihnacht
news - 27.11.2004
Architekentaufe 2004:
The one and only Architektentaufe
news - 03.10.2004
Finally - i got my ixus back. And first pictures, i took with my little baby, are from a Jena Party:
AlteZeitenParty of Alex, Roland and Christian
news - 03.10.2004
the last months...
italian evening
Photo-Shooting at the Elbe in the summer
Games Convention 2004
Couch Warming Party at Seestrasse
Hebedas Beer Hour
news - 10.08.2004
electronic dance music festival near Saalburg:
sonne mond sterne 2004
news - 02.08.2004
summer - partys and more:
etefete 2004
Silvia in Dresden
Trinken bei Grit und Uwe
news - 15.07.2004
karsten, ole and micha celebrated their birthday -
pictures and videos from the party and the night following this:
birthday party at alaunstrasse
dancing like in ibiza above the elbe
news - 04.07.2004
sSXP - now you can choose, where its come from:
Theorem ssxp 2313
Stacked Stone XP
Lasermeter SSXP
news - 03.07.2004
it has been some time - but this gallery should be online:
jena im märz.
news - 03.07.2004
a new fine time in dresden and a new gallery design:
steff birthday
bunte republik neustadt 2004
lars geburtstag
news - 15.06.2004
back to dresden - partys:
enricos party
back in dd party
news - 22.04.2004
dresden - and friends:
susi's wolfgang birthday
news - 04.04.2004
munich partytime - 2nd editon:
mid week drinking
schwabiner naechte
news - 03.04.2004
Grand Tour - my 2004 travel blog is online!
The tour is starting 26.04.2004... Stay tuned!
news - 28.03.2004
munich partytime - pictures from 3 partys in one week:
munich partyweek
news - 13.03.2004
2 wonderful partys:
SchaltNacht - 24th birthday of ssxp
bummitralla 04 - fische sind freunde
news - 09.03.2004
switzerland: zürich, luzern, bern - a weekend in pictures:
switzerland 04
news - 02.03.2004
neuschwanstein, a winter dream:
white neuschwanstein
news - 16.02.2004
my visit to salzburg:
salzburg winter 04
news - 11.02.2004
new years party and Klassentreffen:
silvester 03/04
klassentreffen 1.11.2003
news - 11.01.2004
Some new pictures from 2003:
jena summer 03
saloppe seifenkistenrennen
news - 03.02.2003
a presentation site of my projects and films is now online: sSXP.showcase